Is a Mobile Marketing Tool
An App that makes marketing & communication with clients or potential clients, much easier
A database builder.....
Do you have/are you looking for clients, fans, audience, groups, teams, etc . Then  Mobilist is the right Mobile business/marketing tool for you.
Install Mobilist (1. 06 MB) & set up your account NOW - to enjoy Free Credits & More!!!
-Then let everyone interested in your business including your clients, to subscribe to your list by sending a CALL ME BACK to your MOBILIST number
-Let potential clients know your Mobilist number through the ordinary advertisements, bill boards, business cards, social media, word of mouth etc.
More about client databases & reasons for sending BULK SMS visit here

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  • How does MOBILIST work
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    The Mobile Marketing Tool

    Mobilist has 2 Main Features

    -Collects all numbers that have sent a 'Call Me Back' or a keyword such as Start
    -Can send Bulk SMS to all or some of the numbers in the Database depending on your SMS Credits

    More features coming up. Build your Database today

    What exactly is Mobilist (pdf)

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    A Mobile Marketing & Bulk SMS App !!

    For commercial & personal purposes. (A First Class Mobile Business/Marketing Tool)

    Download Mobilist (1. 06 MB)

    Mobilist is currently available for Android OS, other platforms coming soon!  It’s an application which helps you to build a database of potential or already existing clients.
    The POWER feature of this app, is the affordable communication, through BULK SMS precisely to the right people/potential clients, fans, audience etc who are interested in your products or services.

    Download - install -set your account- & finally....

    Tell your clients to send a CALL ME BACK to your number.

    Build your database TODAY. You will definitely need it TOMORROW

    What exactly is mobilist (pdf)